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New York Talent Booked for Hair Show

TRUSS Professional is a hair care company located in nine countries.  It offers a high-end complete hair care line to professional stylists and can be found in the finest hair salons of the world.  The Truss Professional Fashion Hair Show was held in New York in mid-March.

Hanna L. was booked in the show!  She says, “It was an amazing experience! It was a lot of fun to work with new people be in such a crazy environment!” Check out her comp card here!

DC Talent Booked In WGN’s Outsiders

One of our talent from the Washington DC area, Dan M., was recently booked on WGN’s Outsiders series. Outsiders is an American television drama series set in the fictional town of Blackburg, Crockett County, Kentucky. The series tells the story of the Farrell clan and their struggle for power and control in the hills of Appalachia. TV vet David Morse starts as the patriarch of an off-the-grid family in Kentucky battling outside forces in a stoic bid to maintain their unconventional lifestyle. Peter Mattei created the series and exec produces with Peter Tolan, Paul Giamatti, Dan Carey and Michael Wimer. In early 2016, the show averaged 2.8 million viewers.

Dan said he had a great time on set and is looking forward to the new season in 2017!

14 Atlanta Talent Contacted For Role On New Oprah Film

A passion project for the TV mogul and Oscar-nominated actress Oprah Winfrey. The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks tells the true story of Henrietta Lacks, an African-American woman whose cells were used to create the first immortal human cell line, based on Rebecca Skloot’s acclaimed bestselling nonfiction book of the same name. The film is set to be released on the HBO Films channel, although the release date hasn’t been determined.

Our talent were contacted with details of a younger boys’ role, to play the younger version of one of the main actors in the film!

10 Miami Talent Booked for Macy’s Back to School Event

Macy’s is a department store known for its niche in popular culture and the variety and diversity of its merchandise.  At Macy’s, there is something for everyone because it caters to all different types of people.  It is the largest department store in the United States in terms of retail sales.  Macy’s was founded 157 years ago, and it currently operates 789 locations around the world!

Their marketing team is known for trendy and memorable commercials featuring diverse groups of kids and students.  For their “Back to School Event”, they were looking for energetic students to show off 2016 school clothing.

Some of our Nine9 Talent will be participating in many back to school events for Macy’s, to get started; our teens and kids will be featured at Macy’s Miami International Mall on August 8th. The kids will be displaying back to school fashions and throwback 90’s looks.

200 Chicago Talent for Sense8 – Netflix Original Series

Sense8 is an American science fiction drama television series created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski for Netflix.  They also created the well-known Matrix series in the late 90’s.

Sense8 tells the story of eight strangers: Riley, Will, Sun, Capheus, Wolfgang, Kala, Lito and Nomi, each from a different culture and part of the world. While living their everyday lives, they suddenly have a vision of the violent death of a woman called Angelica and discover that they are ‘sensates’: otherwise normal humans who are mentally and emotionally connected and who are able to communicate, sense and use each other’s knowledge, language and skills.

Many of our Chicago talent were contacted for auditions for the second season of this popular Netflix show.  The first season of Sense8 premiered last year and was well received by critics.  It is a Netflix exclusive show, so the second season will premiere all at once instead of being released weekly.  Sense8 is an exciting new series that will keep science fiction fans interested with its drama and creativity.  Make sure to check out season 2 once it airs and look for some of our own talent as they prepare to audition for various roles.

Two Chicago Talent Filmed for Chicago Med


casting_audition_main (1)

Two of our Chicago area talent filmed scenes last week for NBC’s ‘Chicago Med’. ‘Chicago Med’ is a medical focused dramatic television series created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead as a spin-off from Chicago Fire. The series premiered late November 2015. The show focuses on the emergency room doctors of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and how they tackle different tasks everyday to save patients’ lives.

NBC originally ordered 13 episodes for season one, however on December 11, 2015, an additional 5 episodes were ordered, bringing the season to a total of 18 episodes. ‘Chicago Med’ is the third show in the ‘Chicago’ series that focuses on the emergency room of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and intertwines with characters from ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’

The show stars Nick Gehlfuss (Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, Longmire) Torrey DeVitto (Army Wives, Pretty Little Liars) and Yaya DaCosta (Chicago Fire, All My Children, Whitney).

Michigan Talent Requested To Audition For Blast NYE Host

Michigan Talent Requested To Audition For Blast NYE Host. 

Several of our Michigan talent were requested to audition as a host for metro Detroit’s most exclusive New Year’s Eve party, Blast. Featuring music by the area’s best DJs, Dano, Godfather, Mike Anthony, Matt Aubrey, Chris Anthony, John Larson and Denis Celic. Tone on percussion. Tarot card readers will be on sight to give new year predictions along with aerialists and karaoke. The midnight blowout includes late night buffet, the ball drop and a confetti storm.

Blast: NYE 2016 will be hosted at the newly renovated Marriott Centerpoint. Jody Haddad, DJ Godfather, Bryan Chin (Mon Jin Lau), Mike Anthony, Jay Mahfouz, Craig Jelinek & Matt Aubrey will host throughout the night with guest hosts Pelle Marrogy and Samir Celebic. This event has sold out the previous 3 years in a row.

The client was looking for a talent as a host for the red carpet interviews, speaking with guests who arrive and checking in throughout the night. Footage from this year’s New Year’s Eve event will also be used for next year’s video.

3 Houston Talent Requested To Shoot Promotional Video For HR Company, People


People is a human resources management system that helps you grow your business. People includes an interactive performance management system designed around techniques proven to boost staff performance. With a single click, you can set the ball rolling for staff and managers to work together without even leaving their desks – and you can follow their progress, watching league tables, peer reviews and year-on-year performance metrics spring to life before your eyes.

People was built by a compact team of HR veterans with nearly 50 years’ collective experience in Human Resources and HR software. It was built to help ambitious HR professionals and business owners to take advantage of modern technology and build their business using HR. Human Resources would not exist if a company did not employ people – that’s why they believe HR should focus less on time-consuming paperwork, and focus more on the people that makes the company tick. HR has the power to solve or improve 95% of business issues. That’s why People believe HR professionals should be considered strategic business partners, instead of disconnected paper-pushers.

Working with a production company here in the United States, the client was looking for a talent to shoot a promotional video for the company. The video will be used online and on the client’s website.

56 Atlanta Talent Requested for Feature Film “All Eyez On Me”

56 Atlanta Talent Requested for Feature Film “All Eyez On Me” 

The “Tupac” biopic is set to follow the rise of one of the most celebrated and controversial rappers in hip-hop and his 1996 murder following a boxing match in Las Vegas.

Tupac also known as 2pac and briefly known as Makaveli, was rapper, actor, author and poet. Tupac sold over 75 million records worldwide making him one of the best selling music artists of all time. His album All Eyez on Me and Greatest Hits are still among the best selling albums in the U.S. In fact, Rolling Stones ranks him 86th on the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

If you didn’t know, Tupac started his career as a backup dancer for the hip hop group Digital Underground and would later break off and become a solo artist. Despite being known for rapping about violence and women, he also openly discussed racism and social problems through his music. In fact, both of his parents and several other people in his family were members of the Black Panther Party.

During the end of Tupac’s career, Shakur was a major participant in the East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry. In 1996, he was assassinated in a drive-by shooting at the intersection of Flamingo Road and Koval Lane in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tupac was taken to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, where he died six days later.

The client was looking for men to play inmates for a prison scene in the film, and decided to request several of our Atlanta based talent to audition.

Group of our New York talent requested for popular magazine video

6 NY Models Requested To Video Audition For GQ Magazine Video 

Gentlemen’s Quarterly was launched in 1931 in the United States as Apparel Arts. It was a men’s fashion magazine for the clothing trade, aimed primarily at wholesale buyers and retail sellers. Initially it had a very limited print run and was aimed solely at industry insiders to enable them to give advice to their customers. The popularity of the magazine among retail customers, who often took the magazine from the retailers, spurred the creation of Esquire magazine in 1933.

For more than 50 years, GQ has been the premier men’s magazine, providing definitive coverage of style and culture. With its unique and powerful design, work from the finest photographers and a stable of award-winning writers, GQ reaches millions of leading men each month. The only publication that speaks to all sides of the male equation, GQ is simply sharper and smarter.

The client was looking for female models for an upcoming video shoot being done by GQ.  Our models were requested to send in videos of themselves.