How to get into Modeling and Acting

Taking the Steps to Get Into the Modeling and Acting Industries

Becoming an actor or model is something that many people aspire to in their lifetimes. For some, it may begin as a young child and carry on for many years. Others may not decide until later on in life that they really want to pursue the dream of getting into acting or modeling. Whenever it may happen for you, the idea of getting into modeling or acting can be a great drive and need that you want to fulfill. Getting the chance to appear in magazines, movies, on television, in newspapers, on the stage, the Internet or any of the other places that media can expose you too can give you an incredible sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and lead you to places you may only have dreamed of. Of course, not everyone becomes rich and famous and it certainly does not happen for everyone simply overnight.

Even those that are not involved in either industry know that becoming a model or actor can be difficult and challenging. Either industry is uniquely unlike any other type of job that you may ever have or strive to have. There can be a great deal of struggle involved, incredible preparation and gaps between times of work that can leave you wondering if you had made the right choice. On the flip side, however, is the incredible joy that you can get from performing and doing this type of work. If you are able to make it work for yourself, you can carve out a great career that can involve many years of work, financial success and popularity and each job can be a stepping stone to bigger and greater things. The real challenge to all of it is getting everything started and having the right support system there to help you out. can help you with providing you support and access to the systems you need to use to help you get the jobs you want and work with you to help you get started in the right direction on your career path in modeling or acting, but there are some steps you are going to want to take that can help to provide you with just the type of edge you need.

Finding Your Interests

One of the real keys to having any type of successful career in any field is getting involved in something that you love and something that holds your interests. Modeling and acting is no different in this respect. There is no worse feeling in the world than getting up every morning and going to a job that you are unhappy with and do not enjoy. Not only will it make the days seem longer for you, but you will find that you become less and less productive at your work since you are not enjoying it. The same is going to be true with acting and modeling work. No one wants to get stuck doing the same thing all of the time, particularly if it is something that you may not like doing. That is why you want to spend some time working on finding just where your interests lay so you can be sure you are targeting what interests you the most.

Whether you are a teenager looking to get into modeling or acting, an older adult with new aspirations or are the parent of a young child that you think has a real chance to do something in the industry, when you are first starting out you want to be able to decide just in which direction you may want to go first. Take the time to take stock of what you think is going to be the most fun for you. Do you want to get into stage acting and the theater? Is modeling in commercials something that you think you would be good at? Are you more interested in becoming a fashion model? There are many different areas that you may want to approach first to help you get off the ground.

The great thing about first starting out is that there are so many different areas of either industry that you can take the time to explore and learn about. Even if you are older when you are starting out, that does not mean you will not get the chance to take the time to find out about the different fields and areas available to you. You may know that you want to be a model, but there are so many different aspects of modeling today that you can approach first that you may want to focus in on a particular facet that holds your interest the most. The same can certainly be said about acting.

You also want to understand that choosing just one area of interest to start out with does not mean you cannot try and do other things along the way. In fact, very often to get the opportunities you want the most you will find that you need to branch out and try other things along the way (something that will be discussed further on in this guide). This may even lead you into areas of acting or modeling that you might not have considered originally as something that might spark a real interest in you but that you find you really love. The whole idea is that you want to have some type of idea of where you greatest interests are so you know what path to start off with as you prepare yourself for your career.

Getting Photos

No matter how old you are people have been taking pictures of you for your entire life. Every birthday party, family vacation, prom, wedding and pretty much any other occasion you were around for is going to have pictures of your somewhere and while people may tell you that you look great in these pictures there is a big difference from this type of photo and those that are professionally done with acting and modeling specifically in mind. When you are looking into getting into either industry, even before you reach out and start looking for auditions, jobs, agents or any other help, you are going to want to take the time to get photos of yourself that you can use for your own personal portfolio.

If you are new to the industry you may not think that pictures are all that important, but having not just pictures but the right pictures of yourself can make all the difference in the world to you. When casting agents and the like are looking for models or actors for particular jobs, no matter what the medium may be, they already are looking for a specific look in the people that they are going to hire. Without the right pictures to support yourself you are going to get passed over for jobs. Not only do you want to have pictures, but you want a variety of pictures of yourself with different looks that you can use.

You have probably long heard about the importance of head shots and that how models and actors are always having these done. Head shots are just one type of the photos you are going to want to consider getting taken to show your look. These shots are very often an 8 x 10 photo featuring your head and face. The pictures often have your information on the back so that the people looking over and considering your picture can find out a little bit about you and know where to contact you should they have any questions or want to call you to come in for an interview or audition.

Having more than just head shots is important in today’s world. Whether you are interested in modeling or acting having a complete portfolio that shows more than just your head is important. Those that are doing the casting are going to be looking for a particular body type for whatever role they are casting and you want to be able to show your body in your work. To do this you are going to need pictures that provide different looks of your body, your whole body, different expressions, different poses and more.

Creating the Right Scene

Having the right scene in your pictures can be very important in helping to get you more work. If all you are going to submit for every job you go after is head shots you may find that you do not get a lot of doors opened to you. You may think you have taken great pictures of yourself at home, wearing nice outfits, providing a winning smile in your head shots, but that alone may cause casting agents and photographers to flip right past your submissions and look for someone else. You have to remember that hundreds of other people may be competing for the same jobs you are going for so you want to have the look and pictures that can help distinguish you from the rest of the pack.

In order to do this well, you want to do more with your pictures. Be prepared to have more than standard photos taken. You want your pictures to be able to tell some type of story to the person that is looking at them. This will help them to be able to place you into the particular design, scene or setting that they may be casting for. You can do this by creating photos of yourself that include more than just your head and perhaps even incorporate some props and backgrounds into the pictures you have. While you do not want to use particular logos or branded items in the pictures you submit (unless they are professional samples of professional work you have done for your resume), you can use pictures like this to help set up the type of composite sheet you want to submit.

There is something else that you want to keep in mind when you are creating a scene or working on your head shots. You are going to want provide different looks in your pictures so that those viewing the pictures can see that you know how to look into the camera in a natural way and pose in a certain way. You may even want to take some time to practice different looks in the mirror before you actually take pictures or have pictures taken. This might sound strange, but many people trying to break into the industry can get in front of a photographer for an audition and may all of a sudden feel awkward in trying to smile the right way or strike a pose. If you practice all of this beforehand you will feel much more confident in doing this and can do it all with great ease.

This type of practice will help you to create much more natural-looking pictures that you can use for your submissions. You will be able to provide pictures where you feel much more at ease with what you are doing and that will come across in all of the photos. Professional casting, modeling companies and photographers are not going to expect when you are first starting out to be aware of all of the different nuances and poses that you may be expected to do but they are going to want you to look confident, content and relaxed. Once you have all of this down, you are ready to take the next step and find a photographer to help you get the best pictures possible.

Choosing a Photographer

Many people looking to break into either industry today may tell you that you can take digital pictures of yourself and use them for submissions. While this may work for some people you may find that the pictures you take on your own just do not open many doors for you. Even if you have a great, natural look that people will love, without having the right pictures taken that just may not come across well to the people looking at them. If you are serious about taking the opportunity to break into the business then you want to take some time to get professional pictures taken by an experienced photographer.

Finding the right photographer is going to take some time and research on your part. The right photographer can make a big difference to you when it comes to getting an audition or call for a modeling job. Do some research on who will be able to do the best job for you.  While performing an Internet search on professional photographers in your area may pull up hundreds of different names for you to use in your search, do not get discouraged about having to go through a lot of information. You have to remember how important this step is going to be in your career and that it should take some time to find the person you want to work with the most.

One way to get the names of good photographers in your area is to ask other people in your area who they may have used for their pictures. If you ask other models or actors in your area they may be able to provide you with the names of who they used so at least you can have a starting place in your research. Once you get a few names together, you can then set about talking to the photographers to see what you can learn about each one. In a way, consider this much like you were interviewing a person for a job. Do not be afraid to ask them a lot of questions about their experience, the type of work they do, how long they have been doing or even asking for references to see who they have worked with in the past. All of this information is important to you in deciding who to hire to help you.

Trust is also a big factor in the photographer you choose. This can go beyond simply the reputation that the photographer may have in the industry. While they may have glowing reviews on the Internet and you get good word about them from others you know. It is very important that you personally are comfortable with the way they work. The pictures they are going to produce for you are going to be a direct reflection of your feelings and personality; if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable during the shoot it is going to come across in the pictures. Make sure you are comfortable with the photographer you choose so you can be sure that you get the best pictures to use for your head shots and body shots so you can have great composite sheets to provide for your samples.

Do You Need an Agent?

Okay, you have taken the steps to have your pictures taken and they look fantastic. You seemingly have everything in place now to help launch your career and now convention and everyone you know is telling you that you need to hook up with an agency or talent agent to help get you work. While this may have been the traditional path in the past for many people, it is not necessarily the route that you have to take. There is no denying that agents can help some people, but there are drawbacks to going that route that you may not that familiar with if you are just trying to break into the industry.

Agencies are going to be selective about who they choose to work with. The fact is that they are in business to make money for them; while it may seem like they have your best intentions at heart right away that is not always the case. They want you to succeed because they in turn get financial success from yours. The problem is that most agencies only want to invest in a small percentage of people that come forth to them. Agencies want to put time, effort and money into people that are going to make them a lot of money and they can make that determination pretty quickly just by looking at your pictures. You can submit pictures and information to dozens of agencies and never hear anything from any of them. An agency may agree to take you on and take a percentage of your earnings with each job you may get and then drop you if you are not getting enough work. There are certainly risks that are involved.

That is why more people today are turning to alternatives like is more like the un-agency that you can use to help you gain access to casting calls and make relationships in the industry. provides a wide database of talent to a variety of clients in the modeling and acting industries. You can post your pictures, information and resume to the database so that real clients in the industry can look for those with the characteristics they want for the jobs they have. also provides many listings on casting calls and auditions that you can submit to so that you can get the job opportunities that you want the most. On top of all of that, you will be able to do all of this in a completely commission-free environment so that you do not have to give up a portion of what you have earned on the jobs you may get.

The aspects can provide for you can be much more effective for you than going through a traditional agent or agency. You gain much greater control over your career using this type of service and are not at the mercy of the agencies when it comes to getting work or even getting a submission for a potential job opportunity. You also get a chance to interact more with others in the industry, giving you a chance to make better connections, network and form important relationships that can help connect you to other work opportunities.

Taking Classes

Once you have established yourself with pictures and have begun to look for work as a model or actor, you want to do all that you can to help hone the craft you are working in. Just as you would for any other job that you may be working towards, it all comes down to learning as much as you can about the industry you are in. The best way for you to do this is to start taking classes.

Yes your photos are going to open doors for you and create opportunities but what you can learn by taking acting classes can be very important to you. Even if you think you have the natural talent for what it takes to become an actor, the insight you can gain from classes can help you immensely. Classes are going to help to teach you the techniques that you need to know so that you are able to tap into your emotions when you need them, react to certain situations in a more natural way and give you the basis that you are going to need so that you can grow as an actor.

One of the real benefits of taking classes is that you will get to work with an experienced teacher that can help to provide these insights to you. You will also get to work with others in the class of varying levels of experience. All of this can provide you with the type of support and feedback that you need the most so that you are able to keep learning and move forward, allowing you to get better with time. This will all work to give you the sense of confidence that you need so that you can perform well on the auditions that you go on.

There are classes available at local schools and colleges that you can sign up for in your area. You may also find that there are various acting workshops in your area that you can join to work with other actors and hone your performing schools. Take the time to get involved in classes and workshops so that you are able to work on both your strengths and weaknesses so that you can get better and better at what you love.

Keeping an Open Mind

Part of being an actor or model is that you want to maintain a positive attitude and an open mind. This is especially important when you are first breaking into the industry. You will quickly realize that there is intense competition for every job that you may go for. There can potentially be hundreds or thousands of people all vying for the same jobs that you want, no matter how big or small they may seem to be. Because of all of this competition, you need to be willing to keep an open mind about the type of work that you do.

Not everyone is going to be lucky enough to get a starring role on television, in a movie or play or get a huge layout in a magazine with the first audition they go on or without a lot of experience. That being said, there are many jobs in the acting and modeling industries that are available. While not all of them may be extremely high-profile jobs, they are work in the industry you are trying to break into. You need to be willing to start out small with the jobs that you get to help establish yourself, give yourself experience and give yourself credibility in the industry.

As much as you may have your heart set on being on television or in a magazine, you also need to be willing to do different jobs to get yourself work and get established. There are many different areas where you can get work in modeling and acting that you may want to consider. This can include doing commercials for radio, television, billboards, magazines, newspapers or the Internet or even mailings. Give yourself the flexibility to try for casting calls and auditions for jobs that you seem well-suited for in a variety of areas to help yourself break into the industry in some way.

Taking work is what is going to help create better opportunities for you. You never know what one job can lead to for you. You may work with a particular designer, photographer or director that likes you, the performance you provide and the look you offer so that they may want to use you for other jobs in the future. You can also make great connections in the industry this way so that you meet more people and learn about other opportunities that may come along. You can also find that perhaps you are really good, really enjoy and are particularly well-suited for a particular niche job in commercial modeling or acting and can turn that into a viable a career for yourself. can provide you with the ideal vehicle for keeping an open mind. Since the nature of the website and the technology used is to allow you to be more aware of a wider variety of casting calls and auditions and to allow clients to access your pictures and information you may get opportunities that you may not have ever considered before. This will open up many more doors and avenues to you to help advance your career.

Dealing with Rejection

Rejection is unfortunately the harsh reality when it comes to modeling or acting. With so many people looking to get each job that comes up, there are going to be many that do not get the part. The first time you experience rejection in your attempts in your modeling and acting career it can feel like the world is coming to an end. However, it is learning to deal with the rejection that is a natural part of the industry and making it work for you that can help you to move further along in your career goals.

No one likes to be rejected in any way. It can be a crushing blow to you no matter when it happens. Acting and modeling have rejection naturally built into them and it can be crushing to you when it happens the first time, tenth time and thousandth time. It is human nature that will make you take it personally when it happens as you try to think about why this person did not like you, why you did not get the part and what went wrong. However, you cannot let each rejection tear you down too much. Part of acting and modeling is getting over the rejection that occurs. Consider it to be part of doing this job and it is just another bump in the road as you keep moving forward.

The fact is there may be many times where you are rejected for a job that really has little to do with you. Casting directors, photographers, designers and agencies all have reasons for choosing the people they want for particular jobs. It can have to do with age, hair color or a thousand other reasons that they felt you were not right for the part they have. It is not because they think you are a horrible person. You want to take the rejection and use it as your motivation to get better and reach your goals. If you think there was a valid reason for the rejections that was in your performance or auditions make sure that you work on whatever that weakness may have been so you can improve on it for next time. Focus all of that negative energy from the rejections into motivating you to keep getting better.

The important thing to remember is that you are not going to be defined by the rejections that you receive. It is the way that you act and respond to the rejections that is going to define you, so keep your spirits up and overcome the feelings that you may initially have to move on.

Finding Auditions

Everything you have worked on up to this point to break yourself into acting or modeling is all defined by finding auditions in the first place. The great thing about the world today is that in the entertainment industry there are constant casting calls and auditions going on all over the place. The real trick for you is finding the ones that you may be best suited for so you can be sure that you are there for them. With so many different outlets for modeling and acting today you can find auditions for all kinds of work each day right in your area.

In the past, many people simply relied on the agencies that they may have been affiliated with to get auditions or read trade magazines and looked for open casting calls that they could attend. While these methods might work, it is not always easy to get affiliated with agency, is not always the best alternative and can end up costing you money. In today’s world, the Internet is your best friend in finding the type of work you are looking for. Not only do many places post casting calls for models and actors on websites and social media today, but you can make use of sites like to help you find the auditions you want to go to so you can advance your career. You can find listings and casting calls on the website that you can attend. You are also able to make professional contacts in the industry that may lead you to insights about auditions that are coming up.

Before you actually go on the audition, you want to prepare yourself. Take a close look at what the job is for and what the casting directors are looking for when it comes to the job you are going for. You can also get some background information about the designer, photographer, Theater Company, director or show you are trying out for so you have some basic information. Try to get a good night of sleep before the audition so you will be at your best for the performance you have to give. Unless the audition calls for a particular outfit or way to look for it, you are best off wearing something neutral and comfortable to the audition.

When you get to the audition location, there are likely to be many other actors and models there are as well. Try to stay focused on yourself and not worry about others in attendance. When you enter the audition, be courteous, friendly, kind and confident. Make eye contact with the people auditioning you and be as real and honest as you can be during your audition. Once your audition is done, be courteous and thank the casting people for their time. Keep in mind that they are going to have to reject a lot of people that day so if you are rejected try not to take it personally.

Each audition you go on is going to be good practice for you in the process. You will learn more about yourself as an actor or model and you will get the opportunity to meet many more people in the industry this way, which can always lead to other job opportunities in the future.

There is no doubt that taking the steps to get into the modeling and acting industries is going to be challenging and even difficult for you at first. There are going to be times of disappointment and it will take work on your part to get doors open for yourself. You may have to start out small with small roles or smaller modeling shoots, but all of this will allow you to build up a portfolio and resume of work that you can steadily build on. It will also give you the chance to develop a reputation in the industry so that you can start to get bigger job opportunities.

The important part to remember is that you can accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself no matter what age you may be or at what stage in your career you may be at. It all comes down to taking the right approach and following the right path to get there. This is where can be an invaluable resource to you. is there to help you make the most out of the possibilities that exist for you in the entertainment industry without having to go through the struggles of finding an agency and hoping they can help you. You can have the vast resources and tools you need to help you make important connections, get the exposure you need and have a chance for the jobs you have dreamed of. Take the time to visit so you can learn more about using the Un-Agency to help you have more control over your career and the benefits you will see for you or your children as you launch a career in entertainment.