How to Submit to a Casting

On Submitting to Castings and Auditioning:

  • Read your emails thoroughly! There may be important details listed with information on how to apply for jobs or auditions. Not taking these details seriously could cause you to not book that job.
  • Be able to represent yourself as if you’re applying for a job. Look and sound professional -both in person and via email.
  • Follow directions. Simple as that. Lots of jobs are lost because someone doesn’t read through their directions or follow through appropriately.
  • When writing an email about a casting, audition or any general information or confirmations, always address the body of the email appropriately (Dear Jane, John or such and such). In the body of the email include the event/job/booking details and also include your full name and contact information in your signature. (for example, A GOOD example- Dear Lynn, I will be present on January 19th to audition for the XX fashion show at the time given. A BAD response to an audition request: yes, I’ll be there on the 19th. No further information given.) Not all back email information is saved, so if you don’t include the proper information, even if you think it is already given, you may risk losing that opportunity.
  • Respond right away when possible! If you wait to respond you risk losing jobs to someone who responded faster.
  • Keep all documents for a project until the event has passed. You may need to refer back to some information.
  • Be prepared when attending auditions. Always print your comp card or have photos of yourself available to be left with the director when you arrive to an audition.
  • Don’t go into an audition pre-apologizing for anything. Don’t start a first impression by pointing out negativity.
  • Fill out all paperwork completely.
  • Be on time. Never show up late, but plan on arriving no more than 15 minutes early.
  • Act professionally. It’s equally important that you enter each opportunity displaying the best representation of both yourself, and Nine9.
  • Be honest about why you’re interested in this industry or audition.
  • When going to an audition, remember, we’re always rooting for you! Nobody is looking for you to do poorly!